Personal Chefs in a Box

Standard Event Contract

Service Guarantee.  Personal Chefs in a Box guarantees that all agreed upon services and menu items will be prepared and executed to the highest possible standards at the location and on the date and time set by this agreement.  We are available to the client with regards to questions, consultations or meetings or other service providers the client may use for this event.  Any changes with regards to our ability to provide any of the arranged services or menu items will be communicated to the client as soon as possible.

Staffing.  PCB will provide the required staff needed to perform all required services. Labor will be charged at an hourly rate for services including shopping, preparation, set-up, service and clean-up. If any of PCB staff are required outside of the agreed upon event time, the client will be charged the below hourly rate:

Chef                            $40 to $60                Sous Chef                   $30 to $40

Prep Cooks                 $12 to $20                Servers                       $10 to $15

Dishwashers               $10 to $15                Bartenders                  $25

Photographer              Available upon request - Price Negotiated Separately

Message (Licensed)   Available upon request - Price Negotiated Separately

Hair & Nail Stylist     Available upon request - Price Negotiated Separately

Food Preparation Space.  The kitchen & adjacent area will be made available two and a half hours prior to the event for set-up and food preparation.  The area will be clean and free of debris prior to PCB arrival and will be returned to the same state prior to departing.  Request through traffic be kept to a minimum in the kitchen while food preparation is in production to prevent accidental contamination or accidents.

Equipment.  The client agrees to provide tables, chairs, cooking equipment, refrigerator and freezer storage space as needed and all decorations.  PCB will provide all silverware, dishware, glassware, platters, serving utensils and equipment required to fulfill the agreed upon menu.  

Rental Equipment.  PCB and the Client will determine if rental equipment is required.  If rental equipment is required, the Client will pay for all approved rental equipment directly to the Rental Company.

Guest Count.  An initial guest count will be given at time of booking to establish food and labor costs. Should more than agreed upon guests be present at the event, the Client agrees to pay an additional guest fee equal to the total cost divided by the number of original guest.

Final Guest Count.  Final Guest Count is due 15 days prior to the event date(s).  Client agrees to pay the additional guest fee upon notification to cover costs associated with increased guests.

Deposit.  Personal Chefs in a Box requires a 50% deposit upon acceptance of the terms of this agreement.

Final Payment.  Final payment is due 15 days prior to event date for all events.  Any changes outside of the terms of this agreement will be charged separate to this agreement to include changes in service expectations, menu or guest count.  Payment for any changes agreed upon by Personal Chefs in a Box and the client will be paid in full on or prior to the day of the event but not later than the start of the event.

Payment Methods.  PCB accepts Cash, Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover.  All payments will be made to Chef Troy Camacho and no other representative of PCB.  Chef Troy Camacho assumes responsibility for paying all staff.  

Deposit Guarantees & Cancellations by Client.  Because the efforts of Personal Chefs in a Box and resources set aside to provide outstanding personalized service, we will not overbook our services and have likely turned away other events for the date of this event.  For this reason the following cancellation deposits and guarantees have been established.  This reflects a percentage of all deposits received by Personal Chefs in a Box for the event that would be returned to the client in case of cancellation.

  • 60 – 31 days prior to date of event 100%
  • 30 – 15 days prior to date of event 75%
  • 14 or less days prior to date of event 50%