​​​​Cancellation by Personal Chefs in a Box.  In the event that Personal Chefs in a Box terminates this agreement, the following refund policy will be followed:

Refunds returned within 10 days
Greater than 31 days prior to the event 100%
Less than 15 days prior to the event 100% plus 10% not to exceed $500.00

Change of Event Date or Venue.  Subject to our availability, Personal Chefs in a Box will apply the entire balance of the client’s deposits and prepayments, towards another event unless the changes occurs within 31 days of the agreed upon event date.  As the result of the change, all costs are subject to change and additional fees may be due once the modifications are complete.

Gratuity Charge.  It is Chef Troy Camacho’s belief that the industry standard 15-25% gratuity is earned not assumed.  It is solely up to the client's discretion to determine if we provided service worthy of gratuity.

Commonwealth of Virginia Tax.  Since PCB pays tax while purchasing food for the event, no additional resale tax is charged.

Leftovers.  Due to health and safety regulations, platted food items left over after all guests in attendance have been served and the service time agreed upon has been fulfilled will be disposed of during clean-up.  All unused ingredients will be wrapped up and labeled for the client’s future use or will be disposed of at the client’s request. 

Assignability.  Neither party may assign, directly or indirectly, all or part of its rights or obligations under this Agreement without the prior written consent of the other party.

Insurance / Permits.  The client assumes responsibility for obtaining any required event insurance or city permits necessary for hosting their event.  PCB is insured by The Hartford and will provide a copy of the Certificate of Liability upon request.

Liability.  PCB accepts responsibility and liability for damages caused by our staff or agents.  All food allergies will be provided to Personnel Chefs in Box prior to preparation of any food items. However, PCB will not be held liable for any damage to rented equipment, personal property or loss of property caused by the client’s guests or other service providers retained by the client.The client is subject to all laws regarding alcohol consumption, food allergy identification and notification, and guest safety.

Third Party Liability.  PCB assumes no responsibility for the conduct of the client, guests and any third parties hired to provide services.

Damage.  A visual inspection of all Client equipment will be conducted prior to commencement of the event and any discrepancies found will be noted by both the Client and PCB.  Once equipment has been inspected and accepted, PCB agrees to return the same equipment used by PCB employees to the same condition it accepted the equipment in at time of use to include repair and replace if damaged by PCB employees.

The Client accepts responsibility for any accidents, breakage and damage to their personal property or PCB property caused by their guests and agrees to pay any repair or replacement fees.

Unlawful Activities.  The client will comply with all the laws of the United States and Commonwealth of Virginia, all municipal ordinances and all lawful orders of police and fire departments, and will not do anything on the premises in violation of any laws, ordinances, rules or orders.  If unlawful activities are occurring on the premises, and event is cancelled, there will be no refund of any kind from PCB to client.

Standard Event Contract (Continued)

Personal Chefs in a Box